Frozen and Intergalactic: A Review of Two Refreshing Lush Bath Bombs

Frozen & Intergalactic: Two Refreshing Lush Bath Bombs.

Until recently, both Frozen and Intergalactic were both Lush Oxford Street exclusive products. I’m delighted that Lush has made them available for purchase both from the website and some stores. It wasn’t fair that only those with access to Lush Oxford Street had access to these lovely smelling bath bombs.


Intergalactic: A Lush Bath Bomb

I picked up Intergalactic for the first time about four months ago when I visited the Lush Oxford Street location. I was having a difficult time deciding which bath bomb to get. There were so many new ones to choose from that I ended up picking this one at random due to it’s pretty design.

Intergalactic: A Lush Bath Bomb

Intergalactic didn’t disappoint. It was a beautiful bath bomb. As it dissolved, it turned my tub into a swirling, miniature cosmos. The glitter, swirled with the creamy bath, looked like stars. As an added bonus, the peppermint and grapefruit scents helped gently wake me up as I relaxed in the tub post morning workout.

I’ve purchased Intergalactic a few times since and have enjoyed it every time. The only thing I dislike about Intergalactic is how glittery it is. While I’m sat in the tub, I enjoy how pretty the glitter looks, however when I get out of the tub, it looks like I was sneezed on by a fairy.


Frozen: A Lush Bath Bomb

I picked up Frozen awhile ago, because I was looking for something bright and uplifting for my morning baths. In the tub, Frozen turns the water a beautiful, ice blue. It also is full of silver luster (glitter), which looks impressive in the tub.

Frozen: A Lush Bath Bomb

Although Frozen was beautiful and smelt good, I wasn’t blown out of the water by it (pun intended). The smell faded by the end of my bath and the glitter got everywhere. I had glitter in my hair for days after my bath. The glitter even rubbed off onto my cats and dog when I held them.

Frozen: A Lush Bath Bomb

Even though I don’t intend on using Frozen again, I would buy it and give it as a gift to someone who is a fan of both the Disney movie ‘Frozen’ and glitter.


I am not being paid by Lush to write these reviews. I purchased the products with my own money and am reviewing them, because I genuinely think Lush is a great company. If you are interested in checking out these bath bombs, please visit the Lush website. 

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