A Review of Skydancer: A Lush bath bomb for a good cause

Skydancer: a Lush bath bomb

My sister gave me the heads up a couple weeks ago that Lush was doing a campaign to save the hen harriers in England. To raise money for the cause, Lush has created a bath bomb called ‘Skydancer– Far From The Madding Guns.’ The proceeds from the bath bombs go towards the cause. To read more about the cause or to purchase a bath bomb, please visit here.

During my regular Lush run, I picked up one of these bright and cheerful bath bombs. I have to admit, in the store, I was a bit dubious about the smell, because it smells of licorice. However, when I got home and took a bath, the smell really opened up and was pleasant.  Skydancer: A Lush bath bomb

I enjoyed this bath bomb and would happily purchase it again. It was creamy and more-so frothed instead of fizzed in my tub. It also turned my bath water a very sunny shade of yellow.

Notice how nice and soft it's making the water?
Notice how nice and soft it’s making the water?

What I really enjoyed about Skydancer is that it lasted for awhile. After the yellow outer layer dissolved, the blue inner layer continued to dissolve all the while maintaining it’s bird shape. I enjoyed watching the little blue bird bob around in my tub. Skydancer: a Lush bath bomb

While I was initially worried about the licorice smell, it wasn’t strong at all. I enjoyed it’s warm, calming scent while I soaked in the tub. I also liked how the smell lightly lingered on my skin for the rest of the day. J even commented that he enjoyed how it smelt.  If you’re on the fence about trying this bath bomb, I’d recommend you give it a chance while it’s still available!Skydancer: a Lush bath bomb


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