Week 8 Banting Meal Plan: The Easy Low Carb Diet

Week 8 Banting Meal Plan: The Easy Low Carb Diet.

J and I have a treat day this weekend! I’m excited. I’ve been debating about making a Pecan Cake. It used to be a Peanutbutter Cake, but J is allergic to Peanuts and Almonds. If I do make it, I’ll post the recipe. Afterall, every treat day deserves a delicious dessert.

That being said, a treat day is only one day. I still needed to plan for the rest of the week. Recipes I have in this week’s schedule: Minted Lamb Meatballs and Cauliflower Rice.

What I didn’t include in my meal plan are the desserts I eat. My sweet tooth has drastically decreased since starting Banting, but I still like to end my day with a little something. This can be something as simple as a little cheese with fruit, or as delicious as a low carb homemade coconut ice cream. My go to dessert is some homemade whipped cream with some fruit. However, I really do love making watermelon jello from time to time.

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