Review of Guardian of The Forest: an Oxford Street Exclusive Lush Product

Guardian of The Forest: A Lush Oxford Street Exclusive Product.

Guardian of The Forest is a beautifully designed bath bomb. It’s an attractive shade of green and has a tree molded on it. Smelling it outside of the bath, it has a soft, woodsy scent that promises it won’t overwhelm you. Guardian of The Forest Bath Bomb

Guardian doesn’t disappoint. When I added it to my bath, it turned the water to a vibrant, silky green. It also tucked me into a soft forest escape. The smell had earthy tones, but they weren’t overwhelming the way some other products are.

Guardian fizzed for a reasonable amount of time. It wasn’t the longest lasting bath bomb, but it didn’t dissolve right away. So, if you’re not a fan of long baths, this bath bomb may be just right for you. Guardian of The Forest Bath Bomb

I really enjoyed Guardian. The only reason I haven’t bought it again is because Lush has so many other things for me to try. On my next trip to Lush, I plan on picking one up for my Mom and sister, so they can receive a lovely surprise in the mail.

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