Lush cosmetics

To those who know me, it’s no secret that I love Lush products. My sister and I stumbled across them a few years back, shortly after they opened locations in the States.

At first we were confused. Why would we want to spend so much money on bath products when we could go to the local store and buy them for cheaper? Also, what was the deal with their solid shampoo and conditioner? Who had time for that? Surely not someone like me, someone with thick, curly hair.

Despite my initial misgivings, both my sister and I were in love with Lush by the time we left the shop in Chicago. We’d bought my Mom, a woman with sensitive skin and rosacea, a massive Easter egg shaped bath bomb and bubble bar for her birthday.

When we got home, we devoured the Lush website and had made our first online purchase by that evening. It really was an obsession at first bath. I’d never experienced products like Lush’s before.

Shortly after switching to Lush products, my horrendous acne cleared up significantly. I still get occasional breakouts and I do have acne scars, but my face no longer feels like one giant pimple. And, I no longer have little kids point and stare at me and ask their parent what’s wrong with my face.

Now that I’ve been losing weight and trying to curb my emotional eating, Lush has once again become something key in my life. Instead obsessing over buying and eating ice cream, I’m focusing on what sort of bath bomb or other Lush product I can try next. Being located near the Oxford Street Lush shop has made exploring new products easier, since they offer products exclusive to that store.

My obsession with Lush has been a deciding factor in my desire to write reviews of the products I use and try. I am not affiliated with Lush, nor am I being paid or sponsored by them to write these reviews. I write them because I believe Lush is an amazing company and I genuinely love using their products.

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