Week 11 On Banting:


J and I are on week 11 of The Banting Diet. I can’t believe that it’s been two months already. That only goes to show that I’m not feeling deprived on this diet.

Last week Tuesday was my Birthday. J and I made sure to schedule in plenty of treat time to celebrate it. We started our treat day Friday evening when he got home from work and ended it with Sunday evening’s supper. I also indulged in a pint of peanut butter ice cream on my Birthday. It was all lovely and delicious. We had pizza, a tasty meal out and foie gras sandwiches on toasted French bread. I enjoyed every last bite, but was ready to go back to my now preferred diet.

Since my birthday is a little over halfway through the year, I usually use it as an opportunity to check my year’s progress and see how things are going. So far this year I’ve lost a dress size, finished the first draft of a novel I’m writing, kept on track with my daily walks, started a blog, and not lost my sanity (always plus). My goals going forward this year are to lose another dress size by October, finish the second draft of my novel by the end of summer, do body toning exercises at least twice a week and maintain the writing schedule I’ve set for myself.

So how have I done over the last two weeks on Banting?

Chest: the same
Waist: lost 1 cm
Hips: lost 2 cm
Right Leg: lost 2 cm
Left Leg: lost 1 cm
Right Arm: the same
Left Arm: lost 1 cm

I’m glad I switched to measuring my weight loss in centimetres instead of inches, since it’s easier to monitor progress. I’m also glad that I’ve continued to make progress, as there’s been times in the last two weeks when I’ve felt discouraged about my seemingly slow weight loss. One thing I keep trying to remind myself is that I didn’t gain weight overnight, which means I’m not going to lose it overnight.

What about you? Are you on a weight loss or fitness journey? How is that going? I’d love to hear the good, bad or ugly of it.

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  1. I eat this for the health benefits and to maintain a healthy weight. It has kept my sugar levels in check and helped my husband shed close to 70 lbs. He is now no longer a diabetic after 15 years and has a runners blood pressure! Keep inspiring

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    • 5 Kilos! That’s amazing! And the fact that people are noticing is a nice bonus. Sometimes it’s hard to see weight loss on ourself, as silly as that sounds. Awesome job!


  2. You are doing so well, sometimes the loss isn’t as fast as we want, but I keep reminding myself not to give up because the alternative is to stay as I am which I am not happy with. A dress size is a great achievement and the second one will follow soon I know it will x

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