Week 9 Review of Banting: The Easy Low Carb Diet

J and I are on week nine of Banting. So far things are going quite well. Both J and I have had some food cravings this week. I think it was due to the hot summer weather. This last week it would have been so easy to slip back into my old habit of ordering Chinese take out on a hot summers day and following it with a large serving of ice cream. And, I would have justified it by saying I deserved it after a long, hot day.

What really has helped me work through my cravings is knowing I have a treat day coming up. In fact, it’s this coming Saturday! I keep reminding myself that I’ll be able to indulge and enjoy myself without feeling guilty on my treat day. Not to mention, I’m afraid that if I give in now and have ‘just a bite,’ I’ll ruin everything. I know myself. When it comes to food, especially something like ice cream, it’s all or nothing. One thing about the cravings though is that they’ve gotten easier to manage over time.

How has my weight loss gone this week? I haven’t noticed any change to be honest. When I measured myself today, I’d only lost .2 cm in a couple places on my body. However, I have now gone down a full dress size!

This past weekend both J and I ended up picking up a new item of clothing when we were out shopping, and we both had to get smaller sizes than previously. I know it’s logical that I would need smaller clothing since I’ve been losing inches. But, I’m having a difficult time seeing and believing that I’m actually losing weight. I still feel like the same person. Then again, I still felt like the same person when I gained all the weight I’m current carrying. That’s a big reminder to me that weight loss doesn’t, nor should it, change who a person is. If someone is uncomfortable with themself before losing weight, they will probably continue to feel so once they’ve achieved their goal. I know many people would disagree with me. However, you only have to look at the diet industry for the proof. Look at the plethora of already thin men and women who continue to think they’re not good enough or pretty enough, because they don’t fit the imaginary ideal they’ve planted in their head. Rather, I’d like to concentrate on being happy and healthy.

My goals for this week: I admit that I’m slightly disappointed I didn’t see more weight loss between last week and this one. I know that a person’s body goes through cycles, and that when losing weight, it’s common to hit plateaus. I just hope that I’m not reaching one. As far as my goals for this week; I’d like to continue on as I am. I’m walking daily before breakfast with my dog Bowser. Our walks are now between 45 minutes and an hour. I’d also like to continue doing Pilates a couple times a week. When I lost some weight a few years back, it was because I’d added Pilates to my routine. I know it takes a little while to actually see results. I just need to be patient.

How about you? How are your weight loss/ fitness goals coming along?

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  1. A whole dress size that’s fab well done – I'[m nearly a dress size down, but not quite so I think you’re doing totally fab. I’ve heard really good things about Pilates but struggling to find a class around me that fits around the children – so may try yoga instead.

    Well done to you and J 🙂

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