2 Ingredient Watermelon Jello– no added sugar and low carb


When I started the Banting Diet, I spent some time looking at and thinking about possible low carb desserts. When I did a Google search, sugar-free jello came up as one of the options. The problem with sugar free is it really isn’t sugarless. Rather, a fake sugar is used. I’m highly sensitive to fake sugars. When I ingest them, they make me sick. The last time I had fake sugar was at a Christmas party where I drank some punch that was made with all ‘diet’ products. Had I been aware of the fact, I wouldn’t have had any. Instead of enjoying my evening, I ended up in the bathroom violently sick. And, I was sick for the following few days.

Since fake sugar is obviously not an option for me, I wanted to figure out another way to enjoy jello. On Banting, like Atkins, you can eat a certain amount of fruit every day. Well, I figured I could take some fruit, simmer it down, add unflavoured gelatine and make jello. My first two jello attempts were unsuccessful, but this one is amazing! The first bite tastes like candy. It’s so sweet and delicious. I could have eaten the whole pan, but restrained myself.

This recipe makes 6 generous size jello portions. Pair with some homemade whipped cream for an even tastier dessert.



  • 1 seedless watermelon
  • 12 grams/ .4 ounces/ 1 packet of gelatine powder


  1. Cube the watermelon.
  2. Purée the watermelon until you have a pint/ 20 ounces of liquid.
  3. Pour the liquid into a saucepan and heat on low. You don’t want to boil the watermelon juice. Rather, you want to bring it to a light simmer.
  4. Once a few bubbles have started to form, whisk the gelatine powder in until it’s completely dissolved.
  5.  Pour the hot liquid into a container and place in the fridge overnight.

Note: This jello isn’t as jiggly as store bought mixes.

This site is also linked on: http://www.mizhelenscountrycottage.com




The Crowned Goat

Urban Girl Bakes

Creative K Kids


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