Treat Day June 2015: A Little Freedom From a Low Carb Diet

People say that too much of anything is bad for you. From experience, I know I can only follow a strict diet for so long before I cave and binge on everything in site. As a result, ‘J’ and I set up treat days when we started Banting. Our first treat day was on June 13th. And, even though it wasn’t initially planned we had another treat day on June the 21st.

Leading up to the treat day, I’d anticipated what I wanted to eat. I’d been craving ice cream and chocolate. Not to mention, I was starting to feel burnt out on cooking and preparing all my own meals. I love cooking and I take great pride in making delicious meals, but sometimes I need a day off. What with all the prep work, the dishes, the planning, sometimes it’s nice to have a break and let someone else do the work.

By the time treat day came around, both ‘J’ and I were excited; so excited in fact that we started treat day on Friday night by ordering a pizza and picking up some handmade chocolate on the way home. The pizza was delicious and so was the chocolate. I was happy that I’d stuck to my diet the whole month, as it felt extra special after a long day to sit on the couch and gluttonously eat pizza and chocolate.

Saturday also went well. I had my standard breakfast, and then for lunch ‘J’ and I had fast food and for supper we had fish and chips and ice cream. It was all tasty and what we’d been looking forward to all month, but by the end of Saturday I was happy to wait another month for the next treat day. The reason being is that I could feel my body react to the carbs. When I went to bed Friday night, I practically felt like I was buzzing along like a rickety old airplane. I was moving and doing so quite quickly, but it was only a matter of time before I crashed.

We ended up having our second treat day on the 21st because I needed to use up a voucher for a spa day before it expired (I know, twist my arm). My spa lunch and dessert were delicious, but I felt the familiar shaky energy again. ‘J’ says he felt the same way after his lunch as well.

I believe that having treat days is essential to any diet. The two that ‘J’ and I had reinforced it for us that we want to continue with a low carb diet. We both ended up with upset stomachs on our treat days, which extended into the next day. We also had a carb hangover the following day. Personally, I like how stable I feel on Banting. Yes, sometimes I feel annoyed by all the food around me that I can’t eat, and other times I don’t feel like cooking. But, then I remind myself that sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to inorder to get to where we want to be. Besides, I’m achieving results with minimal effort. From mid May to mid June, I’ve lost an inch and a half from my waist! I have a goal to lose two dress sizes by the end of October. I don’t want to lose too much too fast, and I want my weight loss to be sustainable. If I continue losing weight as I am, I should easily attain this goal.

So, what are my goals until my next treat day? I want to start doing Pilates twice a week in addition to my daily 30-40 minute walks with my dog. I also want to work on writing down what I’m making as I cook. My cooking style is I open the fridge, see what I have and throw together what I think would taste good. I rarely measure out how much of each herb and spice I put in what I make. Instead, I cook by sight, smell and taste. Since I’d like to help and encourage others in their low carb weight loss journey, I need to keep better track of what I make and how so I can pass on recipes to others.

What about you, are you on a low carb diet? How’s it going? Do you set up regular treat days? And, if so, how frequently?

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