The Natural History Museum London


The Natural History Museum is a beautiful terracotta building designed by Alfred Waterhouse. It opened in 1881. The museum houses exhibits ranging from geology to marine life and dinosaurs. What I enjoy most about the Natural History Museum is it’s grandeur. I could spend all day wandering the museum and admiring not only the collections, but also the building itself.


Although the museum has been busy every time I’ve visited, the only times I’ve really noticed it have been when I’m waiting in line for the bathroom or been in the gift shop. The museum is large enough to get pleasantly lost in and wander around. It also provides plenty of interactive exhibits for families.


Should you visit the National History Museum? I would say that depends on a few things; how long you’re in London for, what you’re most interested in seeing, and how much money you have to spend. Here are some things you should know about the museum to help you make your decision.

  • Entrance to the museum is free, however there is a charge for some of the special exhibits.
  • There aren’t any covered areas for a picnic, but there’s plenty of area to sit outside.
  • Most of the museum is handicapped accessible.
  • It is located right next to the V&A (Victoria and Albert) Museum and the Science Museum. So, if you want a day of free museum wandering, you should definitely come here and hit up all three museums.
  • The architecture is stunning.
  • Whenever I’ve visited the museum, it’s been in the afternoon and hasn’t been overwhelmingly busy. So, if you’re looking for an afternoon activity that’s not too congested, this could fit the bill.


In all honesty, if I only had two days in London, I’m not sure I would make The Natural Museum a pit stop, no matter how beautiful I think it is. Then again, if you’ve been to London before or are on a budget, you should definitely add it to your list. Although it may seem like yet another museum, it’s the perfect place to wander and relax. It’d also be a great spot to stop and have a picnic lunch. Even if it’s raining, you could pop your umbrella open, sit on a bench and enjoy the atmosphere. A little rain never hurt anyone. And, come on, you’re visiting England. You most-likely will get rained on at least once. You may as well (try and) enjoy it.


Picnicability: 3 out of 4 stars. The Natural History Museum is almost the perfect place to have a picnic. There are plenty of places to sit outside and room for kids to run around. Also, there are clean (and free) bathrooms. I didn’t give The Natural History Museum 4 stars, because there’s no covered picnic area, which could make things difficult for the winter when things are cold and wet.

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